Skip Bin Hire | 4 Ways To Manage Your Skip Bin Intelligently


If you're planning to hire skip bins to get rid of garden waste, home renovation waste or any other kind of cleaning waste from your home, then you need to ensure that you maximise the value you get from them. This guide shows you ways to manage skip bin hire intelligently. Elevate The Bin To Avoid Scratching Your Driveway Placing skip bins directly on pavers or driveways could potentially scratch them when you're placing waste in them, which will create an unsightly appearance outside your home.

22 July 2016

Why It's Important to Separate Your Garden Waste When Hiring a Skip Bin


Do you know what happens to your garden waste? There are processes in place to prevent garden waste from going to landfill whenever possible. As the organic waste biodegrades, it produces gas. This gas can make its way to the surface and escape, contributing to air pollution. This landfill gas is approximately 50% methane and 50% carbon dioxide. This is why garden waste is separated and sent to a city council recycling centre with composting facilities.

9 June 2016

Some Important Reminders When Renting a Skip Bin for Your Project


A skip bin can be a good choice for rental when you have a large cleanup project to tackle or are planning renovations that will create a lot of waste and refuse. Choosing a skip bin might be more difficult than you expect simply because you have so many options for size and type, and you may not realize everything involved in renting one. Note a few tips for making your choice.

1 April 2016