Skip Bin Management: Three Important Tips for Preventing Pest Disturbance


If you are planning on using a skip bin for a major home improvement project, you should have a plan for preventing the disturbance of the garbage by pests. In general, the presence of pests in your skip bin will cause a lot of problems in your home. For instance, rodents and stray animals will pull the trash out of the container, creating a mess. Insects could also linger around the bin. These creatures can be a nuisance and might be vectors of disease. You can avoid problems by taking some preventative steps during skip bin use. Here are basic guidelines to help you create a pest-free waste collection space.

Use a Protective Lid

You should choose a skip bin with a lid for your garbage disposal needs. This feature is particularly important if your neighbourhood has a lot of wild or even domesticated animals. The lid will prevent the entry of rodents and other creatures into your skip bin. Keep in mind that some animals are capable of opening the lid. Therefore, consider using a weight to secure the lid and prevent easy removal. If your bin does not come with a lid, you might need to improvise with a covering material from your home.

Avoid Food Disposal

If you have some spoiled or old food materials for disposal, you should use your kitchen garbage disposal for this type of removal. Alternatively, you can use the regular bin in your kitchen for this purpose. Placing putrefying materials into a skip bin will cause a bad odour. This odour will attract pests like flies and nasty rodents from around your neighbourhood. Remember, the skip bin is designed to hold waste for longer. As a result, food materials will decompose if placed in the bin.

Minimise Access

It is advisable to think about access to your skip bins. In simple terms, you should ensure that pests cannot get into your containers with ease. Most of the creatures which will be interested in your garbage are quite small. They cannot get into your large rental bin directly from the ground. Moreover, the sides of the containers do not allow for support. Therefore, most rodents will use nearby structures to climb and jump to your skip bin. You can prevent this problem by placing this disposal unit far from structures like fencing and outdoor sheds.

Finally, you should plan for the timely collection of your skip bin. Retaining the garbage for too long will attract more pests to your residential property.  


31 March 2021

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