Skip Bin Hire | 4 Ways To Manage Your Skip Bin Intelligently


If you're planning to hire skip bins to get rid of garden waste, home renovation waste or any other kind of cleaning waste from your home, then you need to ensure that you maximise the value you get from them. This guide shows you ways to manage skip bin hire intelligently.

Elevate The Bin To Avoid Scratching Your Driveway

Placing skip bins directly on pavers or driveways could potentially scratch them when you're placing waste in them, which will create an unsightly appearance outside your home. To prevent this from happening, place planks of wood on the ground before you set down the skip bin. This slight elevation is also a good idea when you place skip bins on landscaped grounds because it will not kill your backyard or front yard grass.

Place Skip Bins On Your Property And Avoid The Roads

Avoid placing any skip bin on the roads because you may need council permits to do that. Failure to do so will attract hefty fines. You also risk the chance of other people filling up your skip bin with their own waste. If you have no choice and have to place the bin on the road, check with your local council about the permits you need and have someone checking the bin at all times to avoid paying for someone else's waste.

Put Only What Is Permissible In Skip Bins

Most bin hire companies will recommend what you can and cannot put in skip bins. Follow this diligently to avoid paying expensive fines later. Typically, you can put most rubbish like tiles, bricks, concrete, sand, dirt, timber, paper, cardboard, glass and plastics. But you cannot put hazardous waste like asbestos, oils, toxic chemicals, batteries, rubber tyres, light bulbs, wet paint and contaminated soil in them. There are other ways to get rid of these hazardous items, so talk to your bin hire company if you have anything that cannot go into regular skip bins.

Don't Overfill The Skip Bin

Make sure you don't overfill the bin because the company will not be able to transport it away from your home and will need to unload it. This will attract extra charges because of the additional labour involved. Every bin comes with clearly discernible levels for waste lines, so make sure you don't exceed them. If you do have waste that exceeds the waste line, you may have to hire another skip bin.

Hiring skip bins is prudent to get rid of all kinds of waste. Follow these tactics to manage your skip bin intelligently.


22 July 2016

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