Why It's Important to Separate Your Garden Waste When Hiring a Skip Bin


Do you know what happens to your garden waste? There are processes in place to prevent garden waste from going to landfill whenever possible. As the organic waste biodegrades, it produces gas. This gas can make its way to the surface and escape, contributing to air pollution. This landfill gas is approximately 50% methane and 50% carbon dioxide. This is why garden waste is separated and sent to a city council recycling centre with composting facilities. The waste is composted and is used as fertiliser at local parks and green areas. This is why it's important to separate your garden waste when you use the services of a rubbish removals or skip hire company. So what can you do to ensure that your garden waste goes exactly where it should?

Separating Your Garden Waste

You might wish to invest in some sturdy rubbish bags specifically designed for garden waste. Items such as lawn clippings and hedge trimmings should be bagged before being placed in a skip bin. This allows for it to easily be sent to the composting facility at a later stage. Large tree branches do not need to be separated as they will remain more-or-less intact and can be easily sorted.

For When You Have a Lot of Garden Waste

If you are remodelling your garden and expect to have a large amount of waste, you might wish to enquire about a garden bag. Most rubbish removal companies will offer this service. It's simply a sturdy sack that is housed in a metal frame. You just drop your garden waste into the bag, with no separation needed. Please remember that such a bag is only for garden waste. If you have other material that needs to be collected you might want to hire a skip bin as well as a garden bag.

Not All Organic Material Is Considered to Be Garden Waste

While animal excrement is classed as an organic material, please do not dispose of this in the same bin or bag as your garden waste. This animal waste can contaminate the rest of the compostable material, rendering it useless. Please dispose of your pet's waste with the rest of your household rubbish (in your regular wheelie bin). Interestingly, it is theoretically possible to turn dog excrement into compost, but it's rather time consuming and your local green waste recycling facility does not do this.

So in order to stop your garden waste from contributing to air pollution, it's important to ensure that it's properly separated. And it's nice to know that your garden waste is helping to keep your local parks and green areas healthy and beautiful.


9 June 2016

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