Some Important Reminders When Renting a Skip Bin for Your Project


A skip bin can be a good choice for rental when you have a large cleanup project to tackle or are planning renovations that will create a lot of waste and refuse. Choosing a skip bin might be more difficult than you expect simply because you have so many options for size and type, and you may not realize everything involved in renting one. Note a few tips for making your choice. 

1. Moving the skip

Do you think you might need to move the skip around your property while you work? If so, you need to ask about the type that can be moved before you rent it. Some are meant to be put in one spot and not moved at all, even if they're very light. This is to keep you from getting injured in trying to move the skip and to protect it from damage. If you think you might need to move it around your property, ask if there are any models that you can move in yourself or if you need to have the hire company come out and move it to another area for the second day of cleanup and the like.

2. Ask if they will pick up the skip early if necessary

Most bins (such as those from Binshoot Bin Hire) are meant to be rented for several days, but if you fill yours up early and don't want it sitting on your property for the remainder of the week or your rental agreement, ask if they will pick it up early and if there is an additional charge. They may not be able to arrange this if their schedule of pickups is very full, which can happen if you rent a skip bin during a busy season, or you may need to pay an additional fee. It's good to know this up front so you know what to expect with your bin rental agency. 

3. Remember to figure inadequate access when choosing a size

You may have measured a certain area of your yard or property for the skip and know that it will just squeeze into a spot between your home's garage and the house or between two other obstacles, but have you figured access to the skip when choosing this size? You may need to reach into the skip to move around items and make room for more, and this can mean needing access from the sides as well as the front or back. Be sure you've figured in reasonable access to your skip when choosing its size.   


1 April 2016

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